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  • Relaxed, friendly and vibrant online Chess Club!
  • Play a move when you want!
  • Play an unlimited number of games - free!
  • Play many games at the same time!
  • Time limits from 1 day to 15 days per move.
  • Meet players from all over the World!
  • Learn chess from scratch during your first game!
  • Fully Customisable Interface!
  • Wide range of features.
  • No downloads required!
  • Full membership is competitively priced!
  • HelpDesk support at all times for all Members.
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Fully Customisable Interface - Play with seasonal colours!
Full Members usually play competitive rated games and build up their ChessWorld rating.
Full Members can view Opponent Statistics, whenever they wish, to check, for example, on past performance.
You can help find the winning move(s) more easily when you the 'Analyse' board.
The use of a planning Notepad helps record your thoughts, plans and intentions during a game.
The ChessWorld rating system provides you with an easy way to compare your performance with that of other Members.
ChessWorld Members frequently join one, or more, of the popular four player All-Play-All Tournaments.
ChessWorld Members can easily create and Captain their own Teams.
ChessWorld Team Leagues are composed of separate Divisions.
Teams play in various Leagues, where each League has a particular philosophy.
The Conditional moves feature allows Full Members to enter as many as five moves in advance to anticipate an opponent's play.
There are more than 2000 ChessWorld games, played by Members and annotated by Members.
The Masters Collection reflects chess as played throughout the centuries to the present day, and with over 1.7 million games
Chessworld also hosts real life social events all around the world!

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